10 NEW Leads per DAY!!!

✨ ATTENTION Beauty Service Providers + NEW PMU Artists...
If your just starting out and overwhelmed on how to find new paying clients to fill your calendar then your at the right place. 

I have a easy proven method for you!

Learn how to spend 10-15 minutes per day on instagram to find at least 10 new leads every day...

That's right!
If you have Instagram and have 10 minutes to spare - you can do this!

❌ NO sleazy sales ❌
❌ NO Cold calling ❌
❌ NO emailing ❌

❤ A Simple from the heart process

📣 Find ideal clients in YOUR AREA that you can access today.

🙌 I teach you step by step in bite size videos to show you my social media tricks.

🤷‍♀️ Now although using this course will also double as growing your following please note that the main purpose is to find NEW LEADS daily to grow your bookings.

I teach you:
👉 How to find your ideal client
👉 How to keep track of them
👉 How to reach out
👉 What to say (so your not salesy or sleazy)
👉 How to follow up

What you get:
✔ Bite Size easy to watch step by step videos
✔ Lead planner to print and fill out
✔ Proven Sales Scripts to reach-out

What you need:
📱 A smart phone
⏱ 10 minutes per day

Cost of this course is less then one lunch out, less then one outfit at just $27 and can get you endless amounts of legit leads!

❌ Don't wait buy it today and start getting new leads to grow your beauty biz.

🤔Your welcome to stalk me and make sure I am the real deal.... 

Here is my instagram @microbladingsuccess
Download All your Goodies here!
Scripts To Reach Out.pdf
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Course Planner.pdf
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Welcome this is how the course works
5 mins
Followers Followers Technique
Followers Followers Technique
6 mins
LEAD Planner (download me).pdf
229 KB
A few TIPS to DM!
Getting Started with Reaching out - Some TIPS!
3 mins
How to Create Quick Replies in IG
2 mins
Places Technique
Places Technique
5 mins
PLACES Planner (download me).pdf
108 KB
HashTag Technique
Hashtag Technique
6 mins
HASHTAG Planner (download me).pdf
223 KB
Local BIZ Technique
Local Biz Technique
5 mins
LOCAL BIZ Planner (download me).pdf
477 KB
Final Lesson!
Final Note
2 mins
Creating Quick Replies In Instagram
Creating Quick Replies within Instagram
2 mins
Sales Script
494 KB